Wildlife Photography Workshop, Costa Rica

Waiting List for 2023 Now Open Email Charlieswildlifephotography@gmail.com if Interested. 


What Wildlife?

Some of the animals you can expect to see include...

Three toed sloths 

Two toed sloths 

Capuchin monkeys 

Howler monkeys 

Spider monkeys 

Squirrel monkeys 




Red eyed tree frogs 

Poison dart frogs 


Humming birds and much more...



Day 1: Wednesday June 1st 

Arrival San Jose

This will be the day you arrive in Costa Rica. After arriving in the capital (San Jose ) you will check into a comfortable air conditioned room in a near by hotel. You will be sent all the details of the hotel once you pay your deposit and the room is booked.

The other people on the trip will also be staying in the same hotel so you can meet up for something to eat in the evening before getting a restful night ready for pick up in the morning. 


Day 2: Thursday, June 2nd

Travel to Puerto Jimenez, Intro, Photo Walk

You will be picked up from your hotel early in the morning in a private, air conditioned car and head down to Puerto Jimenez. The journey takes around 5 hours so enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax. When you arrive at the house I will show you to your rooms and we will have some lunch.

After we eat we will have a quick intro before heading out for our first photography walk. We will explore the local area and hopefully get the first wildlife photos of the trip before returning to have some dinner. We will then go over some photo techniques and discuss the plan of action for the rest of the week before heading to bed ready for an early start.


Day 3: Wednesday, June 3rd 

Matapalo Tour 

As for most of the days we will have an early start around 5:30 so we can have some breakfast before our pick up at 6am. On this day we will be exploring the area of Matapalo where we will be photographing a wide array of wildlife hopefully including monkeys, sloths, macaws & toucans.

We will spend around 6 hours exploring the rainforests, beaches and a beautiful waterfall before returning home for lunch, free time and the evening meal. We will then have our days photo review and editing session.


Day 4: Saturday, June 4th

Macro Tour 

On this day we will focus on macro photography. We will wake up at 5:00 am ready for a 5:30 pick up. We will then head to an area that is known for having lots of species of snakes, lizards and frogs as well as birds and other wildlife.

We will spend around 5 hours trekking through the rainforest looking for all the colourful reptiles and amphibians Costa Rica has to offer. We will then head back to the house for some lunch, after this we will have our free time and evening meal. Finally we will finish the day with reviewing our macro shots and doing some editing. 


Day 5: Sunday, June 5th

Corcovado Day trip (Sirena)

Another 5am start ready for a 5:30 pick up ready to go to the world famous Corcovado National Park. We will take a shared boat over to the park before splitting off with our private guide and heading into the park. We will trek up to the Sirena station trying to spot all the best wildlife Costa Rica has to offer.

Once we arrive there we will enjoy some lunch before heading back through the rainforest to the boat and arriving at the house around midday. We will then once again enjoy some free time to explore or relax before the evening meal, photo review and editing session. 


Day 6: Monday, June 6th

Mangrove & Dolphin Watching 

We will have a slightly later start on this day, meeting out guide at the local dock at around 7:30am. We will then head out in our private boat spending around 5 hours making our way through the mangroves searching for wildlife on the banks and in the adjacent trees.

We will also be visiting dolphin hot spots hoping to see them breach so we can get some incredible photos. After the boat trip we will head back to house for lunch, free time, our evening meal and the days photo review and editing session. 


Day 7: Tuesday , June 7th

Birdwatching & Sloth Garden

This is our last full day of photography and once again it is an early start. We will leave around 5:30 am and enjoy a mornings bird watching, this will last around 4 hours. We will then come back to the house briefly while we wait to be picked up and taken to the sloth garden.

The sloth garden is a trail that has an excellent success rate in spotting sloths so hopefully we will get some good shots of these incredible creatures. After the photography walk we will have some lunch at the garden before returning home. We will then enjoy our last free time in the beautiful surroundings before having dinner, doing some editing and a final photo review of the week. 


Day 8: Wednesday, June 8th


Unfortunately it’s now time to say goodbye. You will have an early pick up from the house to take you back to the capital where you will arrive around midday.


What's Included?

- All tours 
- Photography & Editing Tuition 
- Accommodation 
- In land transport 
- 3 meals a day
(Cooked at the house)


What's Not Included?

- Flights 
- Alcoholic beverages 
- Insurance



We will have our own 4 bedroom house situated in 4 acres of rainforest. There are few other properties on this land all owned by the same family. There are some public areas where you can meet other travellers staying in the nearby properties if you wish. Don't worry though theres also more than enough space to enjoy the beautiful surroundings by yourself and photograph the visiting wildlife. 

There are 3 rooms available 2 of which have an en suite bathroom (first come first pick) all rooms are clean, air conditioned and comfortable with either a king, queen or double bed. There is also WiFi available through out the house.



Obviously this is very unpredictable and uncertain times in terms of COVID. The thing I must say is if the trip is cancelled or can’t go ahead because of COVID 19 restrictions you will of course receive a 100% refund. 

In terms of the COVID requirements to enter Costa Rica you must have medical and COVID insurance and complete an online health pass. I will leave a link below so you can go over all the details...  (Please check the requirements for you to re enter your home country)


(I would always advise to purchase health and travel insurance before travelling anyway and check what vaccines are recommended.)


Camera Equipment

It would be pretty pointless going on a wildlife photography trip with out some camera equipment so what would I recommend? 

Either a DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses would be a good start. If you have a good quality compact/bridge camera with a long zoom it can work but it’s not ideal.

So now the important part, what lenses should you bring? 

I would recommend a long telephoto something like a 150-600, 200-500 or 100-400. This type of lens is essential if you want to make the most of the trip and get some great photos. 

The next type of lens I would recommend would be a macro lens, Costa Rica has lots of small amphibians and reptiles and we will spend a whole day dedicated to this type of photography. 

Finally a nice portrait lens like a 70-200 or a wide angle for landscape shots would be a nice addition but by no means essential. 

We will be visiting at the start of rainy season as this is when there is the most wildlife around, and the cloudy skies provide the perfect conditions for photography.

There however may be some rain, this usually comes in the late afternoon and doesn’t last for long but of course there are never any guarantees. For this reason I would recommend bringing some waterproof covers for your camera equipment. 


Other Essentials

- Light weight shorts/trousers 
- Comfortable hiking shoes 
- Bug spray 
- Sun tan lotion


Do I Need a Tripod?

This is up to you, we will be doing a lot of walking so if you have a big heavy tripod it may not be practical to carry around.  There will be situations where it will come in handy though especially around the house where it can be easily set up. Essentially if you have the space and don't mind carrying it then bring it, if not don't worry its not essential.


Should I Bring My Laptop?

Again this one is completely up to you I will have mine and will use this for our Lightroom editing sessions in the evening. If you have one with Lightroom installed it would be useful but it’s not essential.


Do I Need Cash?

Although most things are included in the price I would still recommend bringing some cash incase you want to eat out one night, buy a souvenir or have a beer at the bar. 


Is It Safe?

Yes the area we are visiting is very safe and the people are extremely friendly there is no need to worry at all.


Do I Need Insurance?

Yes you will need medical insurance to take part in this workshop. I would also highly recommend insuring your equipment as well, just in case.



None of the animals are tame or caged so we will need to go find and them. This means there will be quite a bit of walking and an adequate level of fitness is necessary. (Hopefully we will also get some animal visitors around the house that we can photograph from the comfort of our chairs)



The trip costs $2,240 per person. This is split into 4 payments with the first being a $500 deposit to secure your place on the trip. You can pay more than one payment at a time if you wish just add as many as you like to your basket. It is explained in more detail on the payment page below...


If you have any questions feel free to email me using the contact form below or message me on Instagram @charliepage.img 

Hope to see you soon :) 



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