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3 Wildlife Photography Tips for Complete Beginners

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

1) Who cares what they think

This is something that I struggled with a little bit at the start and that’s caring what others think. Let me explain.... a lot of times to get the best photo you may have to put yourself in a strange situation i.e backing into a bush or lying on the floor. This may feel uncomfortable at first if other people are around.

Just remember they aren't really bothered with what you are doing and even if they are who cares, you got your shot didn't you? I’m not saying to be disrespectful and push in front of people and not care for anyone else’s personal space just don’t be embarrassed to look a little weird to get the photo you want.

2) Wild means wild

One of the questions I get asked the most is “should I start at the zoo to get practice” the short answer is no. It doesn’t matter that it’s animals you are photographing if they are not free to move as they please and are stuck behind a cage. It really isn’t practice for wildlife photography, you honestly may as well just photograph your local post box.

This is obviously just my opinion but for me wildlife photography is about photographing wild life. You need to practice finding the animals, predicting their behaviour and learn how to capture these moments when you don't get a second chance. It also requires a lot of patience and will have its fair share of disappointment, none of this can be practiced at the zoo. Better to photograph a wild pigeon than a caged tiger.

3) Start now don’t wait

It’s no secret that wildlife photography is quite an expensive hobby. People say it’s not about the equipment but the person behind it and although that is true let’s be honest you won’t get professional photos on a £50 point and shoot. That being said it doesn’t mean you should wait until you have spent your life savings on equipment before you start.

If you want to start wildlife photography then get out there with your little point and shoot and start taking photos of wildlife in your local area, your garden, anywhere. You won’t have much zoom range but it will force you to try different techniques and plus it’s a good way to learn your way around the camera controls. It’s also a good idea to make sure you really love it before spending every penny you have on camera equipment and believe me if you get obsessed it will happen.

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