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Elizabeth Marcelletti

This was my first ever photography workshop, and I signed up my husband who had no experience taking photos other than with his IPhone. I wanted him to enjoy the workshop so he would do other workshops with me.


We had an incredible time and Charlie did a wonderful job of organizing and making sure we had anything we needed. He provided any help we needed with our camera settings and post processing. Our group had so much fun together and the wildlife guides and Charlie were very knowledgeable and just as excited as we were about seeing all the wildlife!


It was awesome sharing the same passion for wildlife and photography. The biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula is truly amazing! You will not be disappointed, and I am happy to say my husband had a wonderful time as well and got some amazing pictures which I will share along with a few of my own.

Some of Elizabeth's photos

image_6483441 (8).JPG
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