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Photography Workshops, London

Always wanted to start photography? Already keen but want to take your skills to next level? Want to finally learn how to use your camera in manual mode?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then taking a photography workshop with an award winning photographer in London could be perfect for you. 

All experience levels are welcome from complete beginners to people that just want a few tips and tricks to elevate their photography. 

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Basics of Photography

This is a private beginner/intermediate workshop for aspiring photographers (1-2 people).

Improve your photography in just 2 hours.

You will learn…

- How to use your camera in manual mode.

-Which settings to use for wildlife, street & landscape photography.

- Composition and framing techniques.

- Focus settings and techniques.

Plus anything else you can think of to ask. It is a private workshop and will be tailored to you.


After meeting at Green Park station you will then be given an explanation of how to use your camera in manual mode accompanied by a handout with simple explanation diagrams.

You will then take a short 2 minute walk to Buckingham palace where you will learn some composition and framing techniques.

After this it’s a short 2-3 minute walk to St James park where you will photograph water birds, pelicans and parakeets and learn the basics of wildlife photography a long with some intermediate techniques.

Finally you will head up towards Piccadilly (5 minute walk) where you will go through some more composition and framing techniques and learn how to take incredible street photographs.

It is then a quick walk back to Green Park station where your workshop will finish.

Ideally you would have a camera with a kit lens/standard zoom and if you have a lens that is a little longer e.g 70-200mm that would be amazing but by no means essential. Bridge cameras are also fine.

(If you don’t have any camera equipment and would like to borrow some that is also possible)

Between 1-2 participants per session so either come alone or bring a friend. 

Price: £120

All workshops are booked through Eventbrite using the link below...

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Wildlife Photography Workshop

This is a private workshop for aspiring wildlife photographers (1-2 people) 

The day will start by meeting at the RSPCA monument outside Richmond park. 

We will then have a quick introduction before going out to search for the deer. 

Most photography tuition will be done whilst out in the field to maximize the time with the deer. (If we don’t spot any deer it is a 100% money back guarantee)

What you will learn..

-Best settings for wildlife photography.

-Auto focus settings and techniques.

-Framing and composition techniques.

-Interpreting light in photography.

-Exposure modes and exposure compensation.

Plus anything else you want to ask this is a private workshop and is tailored to you.

You will leave the session with a vast knowledge of how to take incredible wildlife photos in just three hours. 

Between 1-2 people per workshop so either come alone or feel free to bring a friend. 

Price: £160

All workshops are booked through Eventbrite using the link below..

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Any questions at all use the contact form below..

Thanks for submitting!

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