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Karen Devens

Dear Charlie, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating an experience for us in Costa Rica that I will cherish forever.  To future photography workshop participants, if you are considering a trip to Costa Rica, look no further because Charlie's is the ONLY workshop you should consider. 


From our excellent accommodations, to our one of a kind local guide, Randall, to the delicious meals Charlie prepared for us, it all far exceeded our expectations! I have participated in other workshops where the guide was so busy shooting their own camera, they never even seemed to notice what we were shooting or if we were struggling with something.


Charlie didn't even carry his camera. He was finding the animals, watching the light and their movements and helping us all get into position for the best shots possible. When one of our group accidentally fell and broke her tooth off, Charlie leaped into action immediately and contacted our landlord who made her an appointment the very next day with the local dentist who fixed her tooth expertly and very reasonably. I loved every moment of this trip and I can't wait to join Charlie again in a future workshop!! All the best, my friend!!!! Sincerely, Karen Devens. 

Some of Karen's photos

20230515-A04A7501-Enhanced-NR copy.jpg
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