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Peekaboo, the Story Behind my Comedy Wildlife Photo

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Every year during the months of spring animals all over the world give birth to their young. Baby deer take their first steps, fox cubs are tucked up in the den and groups of goslings follow in a line behind mum and dad. Its an incredible time for wildlife photography as long as you are respectful and keep your distance.

I was photographing a group of about 8-10 goslings on a not so sunny spring day in May. It was so enjoyable to watch them explore their new world.

One broke away from the pack to drink from a puddle left behind from the earlier rainfall...

Others got in a football like huddle obviously discussing very important matters…

After many shots and very wet knees and elbows (the joys of getting eye level with your subject) I noticed one gosling wander off on its own. It stopped behind the leg of a bench for about 15-20 seconds before poking its head out at a complete 90 degree angle, giving it a little shake and moving on.

I knew there was an opportunity for a really funny photo but wasn’t 100% sure I had got the focus right. It was such a fleeting moment so I just had to hope for the best. I looked through the photos and was so excited when I realised I got the shot…

I later entered it into the comedy wildlife photography awards and I’m very honoured to be one of the 42 finalists.…

Winners are announced October 22nd :)

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