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The Story Behind This Crocodile Photo…

The crocodile photo you can see above is one of my favourite shots I’ve ever taken. Here's the story of the unforgettable animal encounter.

The Encounter…

I was in the Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica on a day trip from Drake Bay. I was walking around the park with a guide and about 8-10 other people.

We saw some incredible wildlife that day including sloths, tapirs and a variety of monkeys.

At the start of the day the guide said to stay away from the edges of any bodies of water because of crocodiles.

So about halfway through the tour we stopped by a lake and the guide was talking about a nearby tree.

As he was talking I noticed a child around 7-8 years old start to wonder towards the waters edge.

As he got closer I saw an eye blink from within the mud.

I immediately shouted “there’s a crocodile right there” and within seconds the child’s mum leapt forward and scooped him up in one swift motion.

It was a very scary few seconds and a reminder that you always have to be aware when out looking for wildlife.

I then, after ensuring no one was in any danger, and the animal hadn’t been disturbed, took this excellent opportunity to photograph my first American crocodile.

I lay on the floor with my telephoto lens pressed against the sand and began snapping away.

It was a wildlife encounter I’ll never forget.

I guess the morals of the story are, always be vigilant, listen closely to your guide and don’t get too close to the waters edge when crocs are about.

P.s definitely don’t (which I saw someone do while waiting for my boat to Drake bay), sit on the dock and slosh your feet through the water to cool them off.

I hope you enjoyed this quick encounter story, please share and like if you did…

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