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Winning British Wildlife Photographer of the Year!

This post is very much over due but I am very pleased to announce that I have won the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2023.

It has been my dream to win this competition since I started wildlife photography so I can’t express how grateful I am to have achieved it.

My winning image “A look to the future”…

The Story behind the image…

I knew this area was reliable for foxes and I wanted a shot with the industrial backdrop. One day when setting up my camera with a remote shutter release a fox started approaching from my left.

Hesitant what to do, I stayed still, to my surprise the fox stopped right in my frame. I took the shot but was confused as to why it came so close. In hindsight this encounter probably told the story more than the photo itself.

Wildlife has got so used to us encroaching on them. I think the felled tree and longing look on the fox’s face portrays this tragedy perfectly. I just hope that all wildlife photography doesn’t look like this in years to come.

On top of winning the award I was also lucky enough to be interviewed live on BBC 1 which was an amazing yet nerve racking experience.

You can watch the full interview below…

Finally, I would like to thank everyone at BWPA for their incredible hard work that makes the awards possible.

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